Swedish Chemical Agency

We are working to reduce the risks to humans and the environment from being harmed by chemicals. +46 8-519 41 100, Box 2, 172 13 Sundbyberg,


This is a list of contact information for other actors that work with chemicals and/or children.

The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association

The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association has information about allergy risks and lists of products that are considered better than others in terms of allergies, +46 8-506 282 00,

Child health centres

Child health centres can answer many questions about child health and safety.

The Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency has information about various types of light bulbs such as LED bulbs, low-energy bulbs and halogen bulbs. +46 16-544 20 00,

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

The Public Health Agency of Sweden is a national authority that work to improve public health. The authority does this by developing and supporting Swedish society’s efforts to promote health, prevent ill health and protect against health threats. +46 10-205 20 00,

The Swedish Poisons Information Centre

The Swedish Poisons Information Centre can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 112 and asking for poisons information. In less urgent cases, you can call the Poisons Information Centre on +46 10-456 67 00. The website contains information about first aid, advice and information about the most common household chemicals, about poisonous mushrooms, poisonous animals, plants, berries and pot plants.

Hallå konsument

Hallå konsument is a national information service that is coordinated by the Swedish Consumer Agency. You can turn to them with question about purchasing goods and services, terms and conditions in contacts, shopping sustainably and other things that you as a consumer may need help with.

The Institute of Environmental Medicine

The Institute of Environmental Medicine, which is part of Karolinska Institutet, has a website containing extensive information about the risks of chemical substances, metals, etc.

Municipal consumer advisors

Municipal consumer advisors are able to provide advice about products and services. Most municipalities have their own consumer advisors. You can find contact details on the Consumer Agency’s website,

Municipal environmental offices

Municipal environmental offices can also provide advice about health, the environment and waste.

The Swedish National Food Agency

The Swedish National Food Agency is Sweden’s expert and central inspection authority in the area of foodstuffs. This authority works to ensure that food is safe and drinking water is of a high standard, that no consumer will be deceived about the content of their food and to promote good eating habits, +46 18-17 55 00,

The Swedish Medical Products Agency

The Swedish Medical Products Agency is an authority with a remit to promote public health and animal health in Sweden. The objective is for the individual patient and the healthcare system to have access to safe and effective medicines and to promote the safety and quality of cosmetic products, +46 18-17 46 00,

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), is behind where you can find check-lists that can be used to detect risks to children in your home.


Vårdguiden has information about children and chemicals. Tel. 1177,

Skydda antibiotikan

Skydda antibiotikan is a website that spreads knowledge about making sensible choices in everyday life in order to combat the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance. The website is a partnership between 23 government authorities and organisations and is coordinated by the Public Health Agency.

The Swan and the EU Ecolabel

The state-owned company Ecolabelling Sweden is responsible for both the Swan and the EU Ecolabel and is a non-profit-making enterprise that works on behalf of the Swedish Government. The products and services that are labelled with the Swan and the EU Ecolabel have to be the best choices in terms of the environment, health and quality. +46 8-555 524 00,