About the Swedish Chemicals Agency

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is a government agency to ensure that enterprises and society chemical control is handled in a good way. On kemi.se you  more to read for those who want to know more about our work. We work in different ways and with many different issues. One of the Chemicals Agency’s mission is to protect children from harmful chemicals.

Toys are subject to strict EU regulations. Products that are made for children today are therefore among the safest there are. Here at the Swedish Chemicals Agency, our duties include working to influence and develop the chemicals regulations in the EU’s new toys directive from 2013. We are also working to influence the development of regulations governing products that are not toys, but which often end up in the hands of children.

In conjunction with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, we are providing information to schools and preschools about the advantages of thinking carefully about chemicals and providing suggestions about what to do to children’s exposure to hazardous chemicals in their everyday lives.

But at home, it is you the parents who make decisions. You therefore have to choose which advice you want to take on board and look at this as an aid, rather than a manual. You will not be able to protect your child against every danger out there, but you can avoid your child coming into contact with a large number of hazardous substances by, for example, getting rid of old toys made of soft plastic and putting lighter fluid in a locked cupboard.

The content on this website is summarised and is based on the investigations and inspections the Swedish Chemicals Agency has conducted since it was formed in 1986. The website has also been produced in close partnership with the supervisory authorities responsible for various products that feature in children’s everyday lives.

Download the content on this website as a pdf brochure here.

At http://www.kemikalieinspektionen.se/en/guidance-for/consumers there is more information for people who want to know more about chemicals and how they affect us. Our newsletter contains up-to-date information about new regulations and decisions and about what our inspectors have found during inspections of companies and when analysing products.

You can find answers to common questions about chemicals or send your own question to: http://www.kemi.se/en/query.