Environmental and safety labelling

GOTS logo


GOTS is an international label for fabric. This label requires that the fabric contain at least 95 percent organic material.

Good Environmental Choice logo

Good Environmental Choice

Good Environmental Choice is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s own environmental label for achieving a society that is in balance with nature in which environmental benefit, public health and global solidarity are placed at the forefront.

The CE mark

The CE mark

Products such as toys and electronic equipment for domestic use must be labelled with the CE mark. Companies themselves are responsible for checking and marking their products. The mark means that the product fulfils the European safety requirements and makes it easier for you to choose safe products. A correct EU CE mark looks like the image next to the text.

The EU flower

The EU flower (the EU Ecolabel) is the European equivalent of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The requirements for this ecolabel were drawn up by the EU’s member states at the request of the European Commission.

The Swallow logo

The Swallow

The Swallow is the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association’s label and indicates that the product has a low allergy risk.

The Swan

The Swan

The Swan is an ecolabel drawn up at the request of the Swedish Government, the requirement for which are determined by the Nordic countries.

The glass and fork symbol

The glass and fork symbol

The glass and fork symbol (the “food safe”-symbol) is an EU label that guarantees the product is safe and appropriate to use in contact with foodstuffs. The material in the product will not affect the taste or colour of the foodstuff.

The hand & book logo

The hand & book

The hand & book symbol must be included on cosmetic products if there is more information to read somewhere, for example in an attached leaflet or on a label, tape or card. This information may be list of ingredients, warning label or user information.

Öko-Tex logo


Öko-Tex is a label for textiles that have been tested for, for example, allergenic dyes and metals.

You can read more about labelling schemes relating to the environment and sustainability at http://www.hallakonsument.se.